Junior and Senior High Students

Each week teens from all around our area meet to learn about Jesus and experience the kind of “wide open” life He promises.  We’ve got games, live music, a lesson and a lot of love. We plan a lot of extra hang out times too so if you like paintball, bonfires, water balloon fights and concerts then this is your place.


We like to goof around, laugh and have a good time so bring a friend and come hang out with us. You never know, you might make the kind of friendship that lasts a lifetime.


Real spiritual maturity is not just a measurement of how much you know but also how well you can love. To know and follow the heart of Jesus is our goal.


Everyone wants to feel like they belong, like they’re wanted and needed. Our group may be growing but we’re much more than a crowd, we’re a family.


Why we do what we do!


Let’s face it, this is a tough time to grow up in the world.  There are a lot of voices competing for your student’s attention and obviously, they’re not all good. On top of school work, there’s peer pressures and the daunting call of figuring out who they are in a rapidly changing culture. Even when they leave school there’s this constant threat of social media bullying that can leave students feeling like they can’t get away and have nowhere to turn. The phrase “It takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be more accurate. Fortunately for your kids, you love them and so do we.


Our goal is to help your students come face to face with the love of God and be a strong support system for them and you. We believe our combined influence has a much greater impact and it’s our prayer that they learn to make right choices, find “life to the fullest” and live out their God-given dreams!

212 Ministry Worship Team

I Am Music is our student ministry to teens who want to learn how to lead out in worship. On Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM sponsors work with our youth to help them develop their musical skills and work toward putting together a set of songs for 212's worship time on Wednesday nights. 


Often, our students will be incorporated into our regular worship service on Sunday mornings where they can work side by side with other musicians in the church to help lead worship.


Make sure to stay tuned into everything that is going on. We have a ton of fun events & classes coming up. Sign up for our "In the Know" newsletter today! 

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